As a practicing legal professional for 41 years, I had the privilege to sit at both ends of the judicial pulpit.  This more than four decades provided a unique opportunity to learn what made an excellent judge, and an excellent lawyer.   When I was a court judge, I thought that the most important ability of a lawyer is to select the relevant, most important information from others.  Judging a case requires mastery in revealing the truth even between opposing parties and you have to be just in order the parties accept your decision.

While an excellent judge must be impartial, an excellent lawyer may not allow himself this luxury.  Effective representation requires taking a solid stand for the benefit of the client, be an individual, a business association, or a community.  An outstanding lawyer shoots the analyzed and legally relevant facts just at the right moment to achieve success for his client.

I had the opportunity to work for several law firms, including domestic and international ones, in Hungary and the United States.  It was curious to experience the definite mark different cultures leave on the view of lawyers in society.  In certain cultures, the lawyer is considered an esquire, the master of knowledge, and stands as the subject of the clients’ trembling admiration.  In others, the lawyer is a tiny almost insignificant factor of the giant impersonal judicial machinery – a well-paid service provider. 

My vision is to be an effective legal service provider who at times can be a good friend, a supporter.  I am convinced that a great client-lawyer relationship is similar to the one of a patient-doctor’s; mutual trust is the key to success.

After serving as one of the founding partners of Hogan & Hartson, Budapest office for more than a decade, I made a step forward and established Pintér Aurél Law Office.  The inevitable question arose again – what makes an outstanding law office? 

  • Sound professional knowledge.  My colleagues are from among the smartest, most professional and most positive thinking individuals whose work is joyful to manage and supervise.
  • Trust.  We are committed to earn your trust, to listen to your ideas and concerns, to serve you to achieve the best possible solution for your case.
  • Time management.  We are flexible and fast, as in modern times time is the essence of the case.
  • Right on target.  We focus right on target, our work is effective and throughout which allows us to be cost sensitive and cost effective.
  • Open mind.  We are sincere and open with you in projecting the outcome of the case.
  • Languages.  Not only we speak languages but committed to listen to, understand and accommodate the various needs of our clients.
  • Professional growth.  We are committed to broaden our horizon and acknowledge that highest quality professionalism requires a humble approach to self education.  

I am convinced that our international experience teamed up with local knowledge and flexibility distinguishes us from other law firms and inspires our clients’ and colleagues’ loyalty and satisfaction. 

I and my team look forward to working with you and share in your success.

Very truly yours,

Aurel Pinter


Pintér Aurél Law Office
1052 Budapest
Régiposta u. 5. IV. emelet 2.